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1. Open the packaging and inspect the kit for any transit damage.
2. Check that it is the correct kit for the vehicle, that all of the components are there and that they fit the vehicle.
3. If you have any query please raise it at this stage - Don’t begin to fit a partial kit.



Clean the area of the vehicle required with soapy water and a soft cloth. After washing, degrease the area with Isopropanol or Methylated Spirits - Do not use White Spirit as it can ruin the livery.

Ensure the vehicle is under cover and allowed to reach ambient temperature greater than 5 degrees centigrade, but preferably 15-20 degrees - Do not apply the kit to cold vehicles as it may affect the adhesion.



Place the components on the vehicle and fix them in position using a removable masking tape.

Check that the chevrons line up correctly and sit central on the vehicle.

Adjust the panel positions if necessary but do not remove any backing paper at this stage.

Secure the outer strip of each block with masking tape - usually the longest edge, to create a hinge for the blocks.

Once you are ready to begin applying the material, remove the backing paper from one of the blocks and use a squeegee to press the material on to the vehicle, working along from the masking tape hinge taking care not to trap any bubbles using overlapping vertical strokes.

Repeat the above step for the other blocks in a logical manner.

Once the full kit has been applied, remove any remaining masking tape and check the edges. If any edges are lifting, re-squeegee the area. Gentle heat from a hairdryer can help if the ambient temperature is cold.

Ideally the vehicle should be left for 24 hours in a warm, dry place for the adhesives to fully cure.

Tiny bubbles in the livery will naturally disappear within a few days. Larger bubbles can be pierced with a sharp pin or blade and then squeezed out. Any creases can be heated with a hairdryer and firmly re-squeegeed.

The number markings on the kit can be removed with a damp cloth being careful not to catch any exposed edges.



Do use a fan spray of water.
Do use max 75 bar pressure and max temp 38 degrees centigrade.
Do use nozzle more than 1200mm from livery edges.
Do use an angle greater than 45 degrees to the vehicle.
Do use a mild detergent and clean water.
Do use a soft brush / cloth and avoid the vulnerable areas.



Don't direct high pressure water at the edges of the livery.
Don't hold the nozzle closer than 1200mm to the livery.
Don't direct the water at an angle less than 45 degrees to livery.
Don't use solvents, abrasives, alcohol based cleaners or vehicle under body cleaning solutions.
Don't steam clean liveries.