Smart Vue Dash Cam HD Pro

The Smart Vue Dash Cam HD Pro offers incredibly high-quality footage, recording in Real FHD 1080P 1920x1080 @30fps.

This Dash Cam uses 6G glass lenses which provides 12.0MP 170° A+ grade ultra wide-angle to capture both sides of the road whilst maintaining image clarity.

Footage can be viewed on the 3” rear screen that shuts off automatically when in use.

The Smart Vue Dash Cam HD Pro features WIFI meaning you can quickly transfer footage to review on your smartphone or tablet, then simply share the footage with your insurer, friends or social media.

The Smart Vue Dash Cam HD Pro also features Strong Night vision, File locking, Motion detection, File locking, Parking monitor and a HDMI port.

The Smart Vue Dash Cam HD Pro will automatically turn on when you start your vehicle and off when you stop. 

This Dash Cam also includes aG-forcee recording system, which can also help to provide important evidence in the event of an accident.

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