Onus Conqueror 8 LED Light Head (Dual-voltage) (TIR)

Product information
Revised in 2011 to a dual voltage module with an aluminium base, the wide viewing angle of the Conqueror 8 means that it is suitable for mounting both on the wing and grille of a vehicle and the ultra-bright coloured LEDs behind the clear lens makes them ideal for discreet and covert applications.

Up to 16 LED heads can be synchronised to flash alternately or simultaneously, including the ability to sync with other 3, 4, 6, 8 LED heads from the same range and a majority of the Onus Defender and Endurance covert lighting ranges.

• Generation 3 LEDs
• 8x 1W emitters (2x 3 LED heads)
• Features Philips Luxeon LEDs
• 18 flash patterns (with split pattern ability)
• Epoxy encapsulated electronics
• -30°C to + 50°C extreme temperature reliability
• Less than 1A draw (at 12v)
• 12-24v operation
• Meets IP65 international protection standards
Product specifications
Product type LED
Dimensions 122 x 99 x 35mm (length x width x height) (approx.)
Approvals 'e' EMC approved
CE approved
SAE approved
Make/brand Onus Technologies
Weight (shipped) 0.420 kg. (approx.)
Model name/number(s)

Amber (DV) - CL.08A.DV
Blue (DV) - CL.08B.DV
Green (DV) - CL.08G.DV
Red (DV) - CL.08R.DV
White (DV) - CL.08W.DV

Amber/Red (DV) - CL.08.AR.DV
Amber/White (DV) - CL.08.AW.DV
Blue/Red (DV) - CL.08.BR.DV
Blue/White (DV) - CL.08.BW.DV

Red/White (DV) - CL.08.RW.DV