Onus Magnetic Static Flash Airside Flashing Beacon (70mph)

Product information
Our popular range of rotating beacons meets customer’s high performance requirements. Up to 30% brighter than most other competitor products. Silent running and extremely long life makes this ideal for all vehicle applications.

This range of beacons are designed for airport and airside use inline with the CAA CAP 168 regulations. Amber only.

• Nominal flash speed 80fpm
• Single bolt, 3 bolt and magnetic mounting options available online
• Magnetic version is speed rated to 70mph
• -30°C to + 50°C extreme temperature reliability
• Twist-off lens for easy bulb change
• Spare lenses available online
• Less than 2A draw (12V)
• 12v and 24v operation
• Available in amber lens only
• Meets IP56 international protection standards
• 'e' approved: EMC 95/54/EC
• CE approved
• CAA CAP 168 approved
Product specifications
Product type Static Flash (Tungsten)
Dimensions 153 x 175 (diameter x height) (approx.)
Approvals 'e' EMC approved
CE approved
CAA CAP168 approved
Make/brand Onus Technologies
Weight (shipped) 1.1 kg. (approx.)
Model name/number(s) Amber (12v) - BE.ESMA.12V
Amber (24v) - BE.ESMA.24V